Bonded Scale: Crown Scales and King Scales

Crown Scales

Bonded scales, or those Crown Scales earned by those who did well in the First Trial of the Wizard, possess a powerful magic: the ability to bless those on the Mortal Realm with lesser aspects of the bonded scale's power and abilities. Should a Wizard desire, he or she can create an emanation of their bonded scale and provide these to those whom they trust so they might possess a lower or lesser aspect of that Wizard's power.

These lesser scales are known as King Scales as they are typically given unto good rulers- those that practice well the precepts of justice and mercy- to help and provide blessings of magic to their people. King Scales always appear as a smaller version of that Wizard's Crown Scale, representing that the king, ruler, or those that have been trusted with that scale, shall access a lesser part of the Elder Lord's domain in and through the power of that Wizard's bonded scale. 

King Scales

As a Wizard grows in knowledge and understanding of its purpose in the Mortal Realm, they are visited by Wizards who deliver unto them spells that can be given unto mortal kind to assist that Wizard in their work. These spells come with a promise that those mortals who assist that Wizard in their task shall be rewarded and given artifacts known as King Scales. King Scales are the same shape and form as the Crown Scale of the Wizard.

Excerpt from the holy book of the Thyatira

1 Yea, and the young man did stop me on the road and did say, Art thou Bartholomew?

2 And my guards and my servants did wonder at the plot of this stranger. But I knew straightway who this was, for I had seen in a dream the coming of the Wizard.

3 Yea, I did welcome him unto my house and did gladly receive his message.

4 And on the third day of my hospitality did the Wizard, called Noah, bid me alone with him in my garden. And I did listen, asking him what he desired of me for I knew that his business was of the Fey and I was exceedingly desirous to learn more of the wisdom and magics he would unfold unto me. For they were in like manner to the stories I heard while I was yet young.

5 And the Wizard did answer, saying, It is good that thy heart is prepared for these things, for I would that thou would give unto thy brother, Matthew, all that you possess, yea, set in order thy house that Matthew inherit all these things until thy return.

6 For I would desire that you follow me with your hosts unto the land Eastward, for I am desirous that we answer the call given to us by Brahman, for it is she that would have us go Eastward, yea, all the way to the land Jershon to liberate the people there who are under the oppression from a robber named Beelzebub.

7 And if thou doest this, I shall give unto thee an increase of magic, yea, even I shall unfold unto thee a great scroll whose spells and emanations thou canst not comprehend now while thou dwellest in a body of flesh and blood, for the magic I give unto thee and the spell which I shall administer shall bring unto thee joy and peace, such as the songs of the Fey of Old. Yea, even these songs I give unto thee, if thou wilt follow me and do as I require of thee.

8 Yea, and I did straightway accept the terms of the Wizard, for while he spoke, it seemed as if the very songs of a memory I once knew did sound and my heart did burn within me.

9 Seeing my countenance change from that of eager anticipation to that of joy, yea, even I did shed many tears upon his shoulder at the sound of the songs of old and the burning of my heart.

10 He did extend unto me the Fey spell, yea, even the tokens of power of old which are called King Scales, save this was not received in the flesh but while I looked upon him in the manner of the Fey, having received a vision of his sanctum.

11 And from it, we did prepare my temple within the cavity of a rock, yea, a great boulder to the East of the city of Jershon where I had been commanded to go, for it was here that I was commanded to liberate, yea, liberate the people from the hands of Beelzebub, and in so doing, would have a temple prepared where I might learn the mysteries I had greatly desired to know. Amen.


King Scales represent the power of a promise made between a Wizard and a mortal. In fact, they are a promise and power that when that Wizard and that mortal shall pass into the next life and complete the task of justice and mercy and obedience and loyalty the Wizard shall attest to the loyalty of that mortal.

When that mortal arises back into the form of the Fey or his Druid form, the Wizard the mortal served, who had himself returned to his Sorcerer form- but now with the authority of the Cherub, having passed the Second Test of the Wizard- shall testify before the Fey Court. He shall stand before the very courts of the Eldest and testify of the loyalty of that mortal and recount how he served the Elder Lords in the Mortal Realm.

Upon hearing the testimony, the Eldest will request to see the tokens of power entrusted to the mortal. When he receives the mortal's King Scales and sees that they are good and uncorrupted, he shall command his Elder Lord's to let that Druid pass so he might serve as a Sorcerer in the next Elemental Season. By this, the ascended Druid, now Sorcerer, has been given the right to access and obtain a Crown Scale, which is promised to him when he comes of age as a Wizard on the Mortal Realm.

How to Obtain Scales

The obtaining of a Crown Scale or a King Scale is dependent on the First Trial of the Wizard. While within the First Trial, mortals can only attain a King Scale because they are tasked to learn the dictates and principles of justice and mercy as well as to appropriately use Druid magics, which magic is greater than a Kami's. When they have learned these things, showing they truly understand the principles of judgement and mercy and appropriately use the magical power given them, they then qualify for a Crown Scale by the judgement of a great Elder Lord. When these ascended mortals return to the Mortal Realm as Wizards, they can grant other mortals a portion or type of magic and power that will given them when they, in turn, become Wizards.

King Scales do not manifest in mortality as they are never brought to the Mortal Realm. To obtain a King Scale, a mortal must seek out a Wizard and earn his or her trust. If trust is developed, the Wizard will invite the mortal into their sanctum where they reward them with a King Scale.

Any mortal can do this. Any that wish to ascend in the ranks of the Fey or Eloai must go through this process of attaining a King Scale and staying true to it and the accompanying spell while within the Mortal Realm. This must be done in the Mortal Realm because only in this Realm and while within the First Trial of the Wizard can a Eloai soul and spirit give their loyalty to the Eldest willingly. In all other Realms, it would be unfathomable to not give one's loyalty to the sheer power and majesty of the Eldest. In the Realms of the Fey, Eloai are loyal not out of intimidation or out of feeling pressed into service, but, instead, they see and truly know the measure of His power which is focused always on the Eldest's truest desire: help his or her fellow brothers and sisters of the Fey to ascend and become like their Fey Parents. 

After loyalty to the Eldest is demonstrated within the Mortal Realm that Druid has passed the First Trial of the Wizard.