Children of the Fey Realm: Kami

The Kami are Eloai that have received an increase in power and prowess among the Fey. These have done well as Sprites and are gathered by the Dark Fey as they are ready to receive a higher level of training with their new powers.

However, the Kami are realizing the potential of their abilities and are now faced with a choice: How will they use their power?

Each has the propensity for great good and great bad according to each of their individual talents and personalities.


Kami oversee the Anima of the Cryptids. They watch over these spirits' progression in their mortal Cryptid form. There are four Cryptid societies which provide the Anima the Kami is overseeing with unique and various toils and hardships that must be overcome.

Order of the Throne

Cryptids in this order are driven and controlled by power. From a young age, an Orc or another Cryptid in this order is taught to worship the object of power in their tribe. Though these objects can vary from tribe to tribe, all Cryptids in this order believe the person to sit on or hold this object is the most powerful person among them, and so is their ruler. They will do whatever this ruler asks of them whether it be good or bad.

Order of the Whisperer

The Cryptids of this order are those who ascribe great weight and value on the sacred words of the Whisperer. The word of the Whisperer supersedes anything else that a Cryptid may be asked to do. They ignore the war horn or the order of the chieftain, focused only on completing the task set by the Whisperer. Even a Cryptid's own desires and wants are thrown to the wayside for the deific Whisperer.

Order of the Horn

These Cryptids are those seemingly immune to physical stimuli. They ignore the spear tip in their thick Trollish skin; they do not flinch when hit by a whip. These usually unimpassioned creatures can suddenly turn impassioned and dangerous at a simple sound or flash of light or even the appearance of a certain color. These can set off destructive rampages that are described in horror by lucky survivors. Others who study the actions of these Cryptids can learn how to control and manipulate these violent sprees for their own benefit.

Order of the Lost Function

The Cryptids of this order are the most unpredictable. They seem to wander aimlessly, exhibiting strange habits that can range from gathering leaves to kidnapping children. These unpredictable ticks seem to agitate and confuse these Cryptids just as much as those outside their order. Yet, they cannot help but seek out an appeasement to the constant itch within them.