Children of the Fey Realm: Druid

Druids are Eloai that are responsible for deciding what magics, abilities, and technologies will be brought to the Mortal Realm. They specifically have several incredible gifts that will help them to reveal and deliver these knowledges and skills while they are on the Mortal Realm.


The power of discovery- that is what some Druids are blessed with and thrive off. These individuals long to bring light to the world. People with these attributes are sometimes referred to as explorers, theologians, or scientists.

No matter their term, the commonality between these Druids is their single favorite question: Why?

These individuals are hungry to unfurl truth. They are persistent climbers up mountains of truth, seeking terrace after terrace until they reach the pinnacle where each piece is seen in context and proper placement of the whole and encompassing truth. From these heights, Druids with the gift of Science are able to glimpse the plan of the Lightbringer a little clearer. Here, they proclaim their discovery and rejoice at their clearer vision. Without these, the world would fall into darkness as no one would increase in knowledge and simply exist in norms.

However, Druids on the Mortal Realm might squander their power of discovery. Instead, they choose to fear discovery or new light. In their fear, they find contempt in acquiring new knowledge and in their own powerful gift of discovery. They choose to hide away, robbing the world of what they could have revealed.

Many religions warn against this type of ignorant action. Such stories include the parables of the Talents and the Ten Virgins in the Bible. In such stories, the ignorant refuse to increase the knowledge of themselves and the world and lead instead to a decrease through inaction. 

Logic and Reasoning- The Peacemakers

Some Druids descend to the Mortal Realm with the gift of the peacemaker. These help peoples grow together in accomplishment and understanding through an acknowledgement, recording, and leading of joint efforts in finding common ground among the children of the Lightbringer.

These Druids have the skills and tools needed for people and the world to acquire long lasting peace, prosperity, and long-term success together and individually. Those gifted with logic and reasoning are able to bridge gaps between divisions among people. They are able to present clear bridges between people so that knowledge can more appropriately flow and that better solutions for future problems and issues can be found.

It is said in scriptures of many religions that blessed is the peacemaker. True peace or substantial peace can only be found and achieved between parties through wisdom in logic and reasoning as these two factors lend unto each other a bridge that can span misunderstandings, falsehoods, and depravities.

Yet, some Druids with this gift mistakingly believe that their logic and reasoning is beyond the need of mentorship, learning, and review. These Druids believe that ones path is absolute and best not only for themselves but all others as well. In their arrogance, these Druids will oftentimes seek out and intentionally pervert truth to enforce their own feelings and viewpoints. In this way, they rob others of coming to a common understanding. Believing they are so complete in their understanding, they are offended if someone even suggests they require education. They forget that our learning never ends.

These arrogant Druids do not move to help others whether that is through understanding, logic, viewpoints, or collaboration. Many factions in religious lore speak to this misuse of the gift of logic and reasoning, but all of them possess the same accusation: hypocrisy. These Druids preach strongly against or for something while in turn performing similar actions in the same exact spirit as the offense they prophecy or preach against. Just as logic and understand can help find practical solutions to many of societies problems, arrogance unmakes brick by brick the cohesion of peace and leads to devastating long-term harm.

Dreams and Inspiration

To a select few are given glimpses and visions of potential futures. Futures that will help and prove humanity through the creation of new technology, greater religious cohesion, or simply greater love man can have for their fellow man. These individuals help provide the fire that allows a society to move forward towards these dreams and aspirations. Though the path might not be fully clear, they provide willpower, strength, and perseverance to help all involved work through the difficulties that are encountered along the way to this brighter future.

These people are gifted with a true love for their fellow man and desire purely that others might find happiness and increase in their lives.

These Druids aren’t always widely known or well understood by many people. Many of these people are parents who provide the paths for their children’s success; who provide the fire that allows their children to obtain greater tomorrows than they enjoyed. These can be religious leaders who sacrifice much to help their congregations and communities come to feel a greater connection to the divine. These can be sweet, gentle souls who with a kind and encouraging word can help others see the best in themselves and how they can become more than they are.

Conversely, the antitheses to the gift of dreams and inspiration is hatred.

Hatred is an ever-consuming hunger of malicious comparison, selfish endeavors, and unfair judgements. This trait is found within individuals who oftentimes compare the worst of things to other’s bests, whether that be for themselves or whether that be for others. They hunt for reasons to find displeasure in the world.

These Druids with this gift who choose to hate seek to bring forth visions that do propel, but, instead of paving the way to a brighter future, they rip and tear down the world around them. Whether it be a product of racial unkindness, economic cruelties, or religious judgement, hatred can find its way into every bit, even the darkness of hatred, can creep its way into every crack of doubt, injustice, and unkindness. If not dealt with very carefully and with great inspiration and love, those with hatred will oftentimes generate the same outcomes as they profess to fight against.

Hatred always spawns hatred, unless inspiration and love can take its place. Inspiration and love will lead to better change and better futures than any manifestation of hatred.

Humor and Comfort

Mortal Druids have a great desire for good music, enchanting dance, good food, and delightful humor. All are truly Fey at heart. Because of this fundamental need within mortals, there are Druids who are gifted with the ability to provide these sweet-flavored delights within life.

If love and inspiration is the salt of the world- as the Bible mentions- then talent is the yeast. Talent and the desire to bring humor and joy to others is a gift that many are given in small part, but few harbor to a point where it becomes a true power of positive good. To these talented individuals who tend to their lessons and arrive at a place where they can impress upon the minds of others through art and music, song and dance, flavor and fun, to these individuals are given the blessing to beacon and herald others toward good causes.

Think of the jester. Many times, people think of the jester as only having the power to mock the king. But their performances were not just heard by kings. They have the power to help the king see the needs of the people and help the people understand the weight of the king. They give all a greater vision and encourage trust and understand and good naturedness toward everyone, no matter their status.

There are some of these Druids who have great potential to uplift others through their talents, but instead they turn sour. They become bitter through jealousy and a lack of hope in their own gifts. They convince themselves that their talents aren't enough or because they wasted time in other pursuits that they have lost that talent and are no longer of use in that area.

This is a false premise. All talents are gifts given to us by the Lightbringer. The sweetness of these talents is there to provide upliftment and joy to others as everyone goes through the hardships and trials of the Mortal Realm.

The true premise is no talent is wasted. No talent is lost, no matter your age, no matter your capacities. Talents can be harbored, traits can be improved, dogs can learn new tricks, as the saying goes, even old ones. It is never too late to bring joy to others through your unique talents. There are many stories in religious lore about the laborer who develops their talents and brings their fellow men joy in the eleventh or latest hour.

It doesn’t matter what hour you bring joy. People need you and they need the talents that you bring. You are not and have never been a waste.