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Children of the Fey Lord: Eloai

Eloai are the children of the Fey Lords. They progress through the Realms of the Fey, gaining experience as they progress through the ranks of the Fey, Cherub, Dragon, etc. until they attain the same power and authority as their Fey Lord parents, which is the Lightbringers' greatest hope and purpose for creating the Primordial Realm.

Eloai are often referred to by the mantle or rank they currently possess. For example, Spriggan is a mantle as is Sorcerer. A mantle is represented by the clothes worn by the Eloai. When an Eloai ascends, taking on a new mantle and associated spell, they retain ley lines on their bodies that display their progression path. So, although an Eloai's mantle will change, their ley lines, once earned, will never be erased.