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Primary Quests:
Balefire Prison Quest: Locking The Gates
Click Here: Locking The Gates
Rewards: 10 Experience Points, 3 Titles

Balefire Prison Quest: Prison Call
(Coming October 8th)
Rewards: 7 Experience Points, 3 Titles, 1 Dragon Item

Side Quests:
Balefire Prison Quest: On Behalf of Balefire
Click Here: On Behalf of Balefire
Rewards: 5 Experience Points, 3 Titles, 1 Dragon Item, 2 Spells

Balefire Prison Quest: Hope in the Darkness
(Coming October 6th)
Rewards: 3 Experience Points, 2 Titles, 1 Dragon Item

Chapter Introduction

A mysterious structure has appeared in the southern farmlands of North Forge. The sounds of strange beasts have been heard in the areas roundabout. Farmers and local guards have come to the city with reports of terrifying creatures pouring out of a massive fortress. Fearing it was a structure of the Obsidian Empire, Commander Miren and several of her agents departed immediately to investigate.

A day later, commander Miren returned. She reported to the dragon masters of North Forge that the structure was not a construct of the Obsidian Empire, but something of equal, dire gravity. It was a prison of balefire horrors… and many of the prisoners… were loose.

Commander Miren's report:

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