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Balefire Wyvern Scale Charm
Balefire Wyvern Scale Charm
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Balefire Wyvern Scale Charm

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Each dragon artifact is unique! Perfect for:

  • Gifts for fantasy and dragon lovers
  • Comic Con events and Renaissance Fairs
  • Loot for DnD players and parties
  • Dragon collections

Balefire Wyvern Scale Charm:
Pendant Size - 2.8 x 1.9 inches
Pendant Weight - 0.9 oz
Pendant Cord Material - Leather
Pendant Cord Color - Brown

Scale Properties: 
Young Balefire Wyvern Scales draw upon darkness in others to fuel the wearer with increased vitality, intensity, and spirit.

Dragon Scale Charms: 
All of the dragon charms from Arzu's shop come from the naturally shed "Crown" scales of young dragons she raises. She spends countless hours lovingly caring for each one, getting to know every dragon’s skills, mannerisms, and quirks. All the gold she earns from these shed scales go toward providing for these magnificent creatures.

Wearing your dragon charm creates a bond between you and the dragon who shed that scale, allowing the powers within to aid you on the many adventures you pursue throughout life.

Shipping & Returns
These dragon artifacts are made in the United States, handmade & latex free. This item is one of our retired items and it will take up to 14 business days of the order to ship.  If you have any special request or concerns, please email us and we'll do our best to help! If a refund is desired, simply send your product back to us using the return address and email us the tracking code. Once we have the code, we'll get you your money back. 


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