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Fespar: Snores of Doom

baby volcanic alpha dragon

Say hello to little Fespar!

He's a young volcanic alpha. He hatched a little over two years ago in my hatchery and has been a little goober ever since. Don't get me wrong, he's very helpful around the tavern, lighting the fireplace and keeping food warm and such. He's very good with the other dragons and keeps the younger volcanics, like Dlanora, warm.

No, the problem with Fespar is that he sometimes... sleepwalks. And when you're a 50 pound alpha who has a tendency to blow little flames when you snore... Well, let's just say we have very few expensive drapes here at the tavern.

But! He's a good boy and is looking like he's close to shedding a crown scale. If any of you are looking for a little help with pyromancy, you should drop by the grey tavern and have a look when he does!

- Arzru

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